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Luxury Car Towing in West Hills

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No matter when you need a luxury car towing service to get your valued vehicle to a repair shop or any location in West Hills, we can help. Bavarian Auto Towing West Hills
provides affordable and fast towing solutions, 24 hours daily.

Owning a luxury car needs a lot of care and attention. Thus, towing your priced asset will also require an equal amount of attention and care. To keep the perfection of the luxury car, you need to hire towing companies to have the professionalism and caution to handle it as carefully as you would. Luxury cars are a representation of wealth, success, and class. So towing these vehicles is an issue not to be taken lightly.


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Luxury Car Towing in West Hills

Affordable Professional Towing – Call (818) 922-8530


You can depend on our luxury vehicle towing technicians to arrive with a flatbed tow truck. The reason flatbed tow trucks are used is that they provide one of the safest towing possible. The towed vehicles will not be pulled on the roads; instead, they are carried on the back of the flatbed tow truck. This is possible by lowering the platform on the back of the tow truck and allow the luxury car to be driven up to the platform. Once in place, the wheels will be secured using towing straps. When the car is in place, the platform is then adjusted back to the horizontal position. The towing technicians will always ensure the frame and the wheels are firmly secured.

After properly loading the vehicle, we will choose the safest routes when moving to the destination. We will avoid potentially dangerous spots to protect your vehicle.


west hills towing


Luxury Car Towing in West Hills

Fast Towing for Economical Rates – Call (818) 922-8530


You can be sure that we have migrated some of the top luxury vehicles available. This includes Audi, Bently, Maserati, and Ferrari. When you need transportation, we can provide it as well. When your vehicle has broken down, calm down and call our 24-hour hotline for assistance. We are always ready to tackle and roadside situation. Whether it is luxury car towing, RV towing, heavy duty towing, or roadside assistance. We know roadside issues will always happen when you are not expecting them, so we will be at your assistance any time when you call us.

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