"I like Bavarian Auto Towing more than other towing companies because their service is simple, fast, and within my price range. I recommend Bavarian Auto Towing to drivers looking for professional towing for cheap rates."
- Nick I.


"If it wasn't for Bavarian Auto Towing my husband and I would have been stranded in the hood with our keys locked in the car. Their roadside technicians showed up fast and understood the emergency. We were surprised how fast they opened our car door! Real pro's for sure!"
- Vikki W.


"Bavarian Auto Towing offers really wonderful roadside assistance rates. I was treated with respect by the driver and he had my cars flat tire swapped out with the spare within 5 minutes."
- Rene H.


"I don't always leave company feedback but because of Bavarian Auto Towing assisting with fuel on the road fast... I felt it was good to say thanks for helping me out."
- Morgan N.


"Honest I wish more towing and roadside companies were like Bavarian Auto Towing. Thank you so much for your help when my truck needed a winch out. I am an avid off-road driver and got stuck in some sand by myself. Your towing guys came to winch me out and even showed up on time."
- Sven Y.


"Very easy to use and got at least 50 times the value from Bavarian Auto Towing. When I saw how much your rates were I was blown away! You best believe I told my friends about your rates and how it's less than most auto clubs."
- Steffi P.


"I would also like to say thank you to all your live operators and towing technicians at Bavarian Auto Towing. Your towing service was excellent and was exactly within my financial budget. Very understanding towing guys who care about their clients."
- Cobby V.


"After using Bavarian Auto Towing my car was jump started and running again! Very affordable rates and the guys know their stuff."
- Sallyann J.



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